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7 most common plumbing problems and how to avoid them?

7 most common plumbing problems

The most common plumbing problems a homeowner may face are several. In common, they have the fact that they are a terrible nuisance!

When it comes to managing your apartment or house, you must give great consideration to the plumbing system, as repairs can be extremely expensive. Sometimes simple maintenance, however, is not enough: some issues come suddenly and leave no time except to call your trusted plumber.

All the most common plumbing problems and how to deal with them

Whether it is a real intervention or simply stalling, in this article we have listed 7 of the most common cases. Although we will explain how to deal with the specific situation, always remember that it is most important to call a reliable plumber as soon as possible.

Clogged drains

Who hasn’t had this happen to them? Perhaps the most common issue is clogged drains. Especially in kitchens, the buildup of dirt and food scraps can cause drainage slowdowns if not outright blockages. As such, it can be helpful to use a very tight mesh grating that avoids similar issues.

Faucet-related issues

Whether it is dripping or actual leaks, leaky faucets are another fact that is far from uncommon. Ideally, in this regard, a minimum of maintenance would be required. How to do this? A quick check of the washer that seal the pipes is recommended every four months to make sure everything’s working right.

Flush with flushing issues

One of the most anxiety-inducing plumbing problems you may face is the toilet flushing and seeing that it tends to fill up dangerously. To avoid such problems, one must be careful not to drop any particular object inside the toilet and pay attention to the products used in cleaning.

Toilet keeps flushing water down

A problem always about the flush but very different is when the water keeps going down. As such, the issue is most likely related to the mechanism for “pulling down” the water. You can check it manually (if you are a DIY expert) or contact us.

Low water pressure

A real annoyance for all homeowners is low water pressure. This is a plumbing problem that may have a source within your home or one involving the municipality in which you live. Within your home, it may limit this problem to using a single faucet at a time.

Leaky pipes

A great classic. Leaky pipes could be a major problem that will eventually lead to more costly plumbing problems in the future, including moisture damage and flooding. Your pipes require regular inspections and maintenance, especially before winter begins.

Noisy water heater

Noisy water heater is another rather common problem. Beyond whether it is more or less annoying, this can be a warning sign of a much more serious problem. Therefore, do not put off calling the plumber, especially if the phenomenon is constant.

Any kind of problem requires action. Closing your eyes or waiting can lead to far more serious problems!

Eliminate all thoughts and worries by turning to the professionals in the field, entrust your system to a trained and reliable plumber to fix your home.

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